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   Big Mouth Lures Has Teamed Up with Missile Baits and Cashion Rods
To Provide Anglers with Quality Lures and Now Quality Plastics and Quality Rods
As a result of the partnership with Missile Baits you now have the ability to customize your favorite lure with a quality trailer.
The possibilities are almost endless. Below is just one example of the combinations you can order online from one source.
Herring Bigshakey with
Missile Baits Bombshell Shockwave

Experience and Quality
For the last 25 years, Big Mouth Lures has gone to great lengths in developing and building top quality lures for you,
the angler. Once a small "Mom and Pop" operation, we have grown into a true force in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We use only top-quality components in assembling our lures. We here at Big Mouth Lures know that your day
on the water is important to you. That day on the water is our forethought when we are assembling our lures.

It's simple - Quality Baits equals Quality Days on the Water

Click Here to see detailed view of parts used in the construction of Big Mouth Lures

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