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Custom Build Your Own Spinnerbait, Buzzbait, Big Shakey or Jig

Select the Type of Lure you Want to Build to Get Started

Big Shakey Buzzbait Jig Spinnerbait

Once you have started the custom build, do not use the back button in your browser or try to refresh the page, doing so could lead to undesired results, errors or incorrect orders. If you need to make a change, use the Cancel and Start Over link located at the bottom of each screen.

At each step of the custom build, make your selection from the options presented. Where necessary additional instructions and/or explanations will be provided.

This custom build function will accommodate most standard configurations. In the event that the desired configuration is not obtainable using this function, please use the Contacts link at the top of the page and we will assist you with your custom order.

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